The Ready for Kindergarten Campaign prepared a guide and these additional tools to support your advocacy this year! Just use the links to download:

2020 Briefing Guide: State of Early Learning in New York: This new tool offers the latest data on the availability of child care and full-day pre-K by legislative district as well as new documentation on affordability by county and median salaries for early childhood educators. Today, 9 out of 10 families across the state find quality child care and pre-K unaffordable. Use this guide to engage your Assembly Member and Senator – by letting them know exactly how many children and families still lack access to early care and education. 


Engage the Media with these tools, to call attention to the urgent needs of New York's youngest citizens.


Letters to the Editor: Build our voice with these sample letters – easy to cut and paste and share with your local newspaper, newsletters, blogs and other online media.

Keep the Promise for Full-Day Pre-K! Our chart shows the regional inequities in access to full-day pre-K as of December 2020. You can also use our one-pager, Every Child Deserves Access to Quality Pre-K to call attention to the need for more equitable resources for community programs offering pre-K.
2020 Budget Agenda for Quality Pre-K


Address the Deepening Child Care Crisis! 80% of all families eligible for help paying for child care still get no assistance. This chart shows how lack of access and growing need play out by labor region around the state.

Useful Links and Additional Resources: Connect with state and national advocacy and research organizations to build our voice.

CCI Testimony on 2020 Budget for Education