The State of Early Learning in New York; Growing Crisis for Young Children and Working Families

This new tool offer the latest data on the availability of child care and full-day pre-K by legislative district as well as new documentations on affordability by county and median salaries for early childhood educators.

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2020 Budget Toolkit

Establishing Universal Access to Prekindergarten as a Constitutional Right

CCI and CEE released a report making the case for establishing universal access to pre-K as a constitutional right, based on an analysis of the current state of law in all 50 states. This white paper provides a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the key legal and policy arguments and research to support the case. 

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The State of Early Learning in New York; Too Many Young Learners Still Left Out

Our new briefing guide provides a profile of the unmet need for pre-K and child care by legislative district and an
agenda for what New York’s leaders need to do right now. 

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CCI Testimony


Ensuring Every Child is Ready to Succeed in School and Life;

Make Early Learning a Top Priority During Election Season

Election season is a great time to put early care and education on the public agenda — and we seem to now be in a perpetual election season. Use this toolkit to make sure child care and
pre-K are central to the action.

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Opportunities Foreclosed Equity Denied; New York's Youngest Learners

Still Left Out!

Our new briefing guide provides a profile of the unmet need for pre-K and child care by legislative district and an
agenda for what New York’s leaders need to do right now. 

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Securing the Future of New York's Children Taking the Next Steps Toward Truly Universal Prekindergarten

CCI and CEE released an updated proposal for ensuring adequate, appropriate and stable funding for pre-K in New York State. This proposal builds on the 2013 Roadmap for Making Pre-K Truly Universal.
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Too Many Children Still Waiting: Make Quality
Early Learning Top Priority
in 2017 Budget

This report tracks the progress of New York State leaders in making quality pre-K and child care a priority in 2017.

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Strengthening the Pre-K Investment: Next Steps to a Winning Beginning for Every Child in New York State

CCI prepared this report on behalf of the Winning Beginning NY coalition. The report includes data and lessons learned in the first 12 years of Pre-K implementation.
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Making Prekindergarten Truly Universal in New York:
A Statewide Roadmap

CCI and the Campaign for Educational Equity (CEE) unveiled a statewide plan for full-day pre-K, offering a financial strategy that recognizes pre-K as an essential educational service and provides a plan to phase in pre-K to the state's 3- and 4-year-olds. 

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Too Many Children Left Behind: Make Quality Early Learning A Top Priority

This advocacy report documents the shortfall in state funding for child care and pre-K in 2016.  Nearly two-thirds of the state's 4-year-olds were still waiting for a full-day seat in pre-K, promised by state policymakers.  Access to child care was in even shorter supply. 

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Download the 2015 report: Children Can't Wait

Archive on Pre-K Implementation

CCI played a key role in pre-K implementation at both the city and state level and in creating a library of resources for pre-K implementation, including:


CCI champions the New York City’s Pre-K for All initiative, which now supports full-day pre-K seats for more than 70,000 four-year-olds. CCI served on the implementation team that launched the roll-out in 2014. View the full report here


In addition, the following documents offer a guide to the earliest years of pre-K implementation statewide:   

The Prekindergarten Advocacy Handbook

Universal Prekindergarten In Community School District 11

Issues in Collaborative Leadership for Universal Prekindergarten

A Guide to Cost Allocation Procedures: Implementing Strategies for Universal Pre-K

Implementing Universal Pre-K in New York City: Blended Funding and Other Financial Considerations

Implementing Strategies for Universal Prekindergarten: The Advisory Board's Role

Universal Pre-K: Frequently Asked Questions

New York State's Early Childhood Workforce: Challenges, Opportunities, & Next Steps

Report of the NYC Council Commission on the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) Part II

Strengthening and Expanding Prekindergarten in the Children First Reorganization

A Diverse System Delivers for Pre-K: Lessons Learned in New York State

Funding and Financing: Advocates and policy makers are increasingly concerned in establishing what it costs to support high-quality early care and learning. CCI’s policy brief series takes a close look at the issue, providing program models and their associated costs, per program and per-child.

Early Care & Education - What It Costs - Full Day

Early Care & Education - What It Costs - Half Day